In looking back at these photos I teased Scott about how he does not have a happy, inviting face when he plays instruments to which he responded, “Hey, I was laying down a sick jazz set right then, I couldn’t just smile!”

Scott has had the opportunity to rent office space from this local music studio and in addition to using a closet with a desk and plastic chair in it when he needs to work, he can have access to everything in the studio for his personal enjoyment!  It’s been such a great place for him since he sold all of his instruments and music gear when we decided to travel the world for a year.  He’s been bringing the kids to the music studio on Saturday mornings to let me sleep in or get some work done at home and I really love that!  He’s always showing me little videos he’s taken of the kids playing instruments and it makes me sad that I’ve missed it, so last Saturday I got myself out of bed and I went with them!


It was so fun for me to see the kids so comfortable with the instruments!  They sure do love this time with their dad!


Haha!  When she first sat down at the drums she closed her eyes every time her drumsticks would hit.  She quickly got over it, but I love that I captured it!


He was so excited that he could reach the kick drum!


For some reason, when both Carter and Zellie are “resting” their drumsticks they both choose to cross them behind their neck!


And the tongue!  Haha caught them both sticking their tongue out while playing.


I don’t know that many of you know this, but music is really what brought Scott and I together before we starting dating.  We were in the same class in college, but I wanted nothing to do with him because he wore high water jeans, white socks, and Sanuks (I know I was shallow!).  It wasn’t until I was at Battle of the Bands with my friends that I noticed a familiar face on the stage playing with the most amazing rock band I had ever heard and he was killing it on the bass.  Yep, it was Scott.  I went to talk to him after they played their encore for winning and he had a swarm of girls already talking to him.  I played it cool and waited my turn only to say:

“Hey, we’re in the same class, right?”


“You guys were really great.  I voted for you!”


“Congrats on winning!”


“I guess I’ll see you in class.”

Oh boy, did I feel silly!  Well, according to him he wasn’t being rude and snobbish, he was trying to clean up his equipment really fast because someone had already gotten on his case for not being off the stage already. He made it up to me later though by coming up to me in class and being genuine and nice.  We stayed friends for that next year as I attended several of his shows and he introduced me to a lot of amazing music.  When we started dating we continued to discover bands together and go to many concerts.


The studio is right next to the railroad tracks so we got to watch several trains go by while we were there!


Me: “Carter, smile!”

Carter: “No.”


He loves hearing his dad play guitar and sing!


The cutest little audience ever.


I took Zellie out of the drum room for a little bit so Scott and Carter could have an actual lesson and Carter was so excited to learn!  He was distracted while I snapped a few photos, but Scott said he did really great once I left.  My favorite part was when Carter said, “Hey dad, so when we’re not using one drumstick we just put it here in our ear, right?”


When Scott and I were early in our pregnancy with Carter and we didn’t know he was a boy yet, we were at a local concert in Provo, UT and a really amazing all female band was playing.  As we asked around we learned that they were all high school girls who’d started playing together within the year!  Man oh man, Scott and I were smitten with girl bands right then and we dreamed of the day when our daughter would be in an amazing rock band.


See!  Crossed drumsticks behind his neck!


Carter seems to have slightly more stage presence than Zellie right now so maybe he’ll be the rockstar!  We love this exposure to music that we’re able to give both of our kids now and we hope that their love of music continues!