While the kids and I were out running errands the other day, Carter decided that he needed a treat because he was being so very good.  He actually wasn’t being THAT good on this particular outing, but it was so cute how he asked and he asked if his treat could be an activity, so I couldn’t deny him that.  While we were at Joann Fabrics, he picked out a little bird house and some paint.



I’m no artist, but it was fun to show him how two colors mix to make a new color!  He knew that red and white make pink (we did a couple painting crafts for Valentine’s Day), but he was so excited to see orange appear when we mixed red and yellow!!





It was so cute to see him so focused on his painting.  He was very particular to dip his brush in a specific pattern: dip in red, paint two strokes; dip in orange, paint two strokes; dip in yellow, paint two strokes, etc.  He had to dip in order around the plate of colors and was very careful to only do two strokes with each color before moving onto the next color!


IMG_8680 IMG_8681




And the finished product!  The whole time he was painting he was excited that the birds would now have a place to live when they came in our home, but I had to keep telling him that this was an outside bird house.  He was pretty upset about that.  And then 15 minutes after I let him take the dried bird house outside he totally forgot about it and hasn’t mentioned it since ha.  Kids and crafting.  It was fun though!