We LOVE being out and about.  The kids and I go out several times a week for adventures and boy do we all sleep well at night when we keep busy!  Last week we ventured out to a playground not too far away that we hadn’t been to in a long time.  It’s a part of a campground so it felt like we were tucked into the woods and the views of Mt Hood on our drive to the playground were amazing!


She’s obsessed with sticks now because Carter is!


We live in Oregon!!


I’m so proud of this kid and his willingness to try new and hard things.  Even though he told me that he would probably be scared to climb the jungle gym, we went right over and tried!  He was so excited about how high he had gotten, but he was also very intent on climbing down once realizing it was at the top haha.

He turns 4 in two months and part of me can’t believe he’s getting so old and the other part of me forgets he’s not 6 🤷‍♀️ He loves to sit down and read books together, he loves exploring and experiencing new things in nature, he has become quite the little swimmer recently, and he’s very excited for the new baby to come 😊 As he was climbing this jungle gym he says to me, “Mom! Are you watching? Aren’t you so proud of me?!” Oh Carter, we love you so much and are so very very proud of of you!!


Zellie is getting to be so very independent these days.  The stage of attempting to be independent is one of my favorites because I can just stand back and watch, usually getting to witness something hilarious happen as they try something new on their own for the first time.  Times like these where she wants to climb to the top of very high stairs on the other hand… I’m right behind her, trying to not scare her into to making a mistake and falling!


Carter’s version of “Blue Steel” messy face and all 😎 He thought it was so cool that he was blue while he was in the tunnel he actually requested that I take his photo! 😱 That never happens…


Over the last few weeks these two have become better buddies.  Don’t worry, they still get on each other’s nerves a lot too, but they are also starting to look out for each other and want to include each other in things. They want to sit next to each other when they eat (at least for a little bit!) and they almost never fight in the bath! It’s been so fun to watch their little bond grow and I’m excited to see what adding #3 to the mix will do!