So, somehow October has come and gone faster than I can comprehend right now!  Thanksgiving is a few short weeks away, and then Christmas right after that.  We’ll be traveling (without the bus) for the holidays and we’re taking off in 2 weeks!  As you’ve seen on Instagram, we’ve had a lot of articles published about our home and travels recently, I’ve started a little business, and we’re getting involved in our community here so I feel like the month of October has been one big blur for me!  So much so that we didn’t carve pumpkins this year…  Honestly though, I didn’t really want to carve pumpkins this year so I didn’t feel too bad about forgetting.  Am I the only Halloween Scrooge out there??  🙈  I can’t be considered too much of Scrooge though because I did put in the effort to hand make my kids costumes!

With two tiny kids, carving pumpkins becomes more of a dangerous hassle than enjoyable (kudos to all of you who do it!), so we opted to paint pumpkins this year!  And, the kids just got hit with sickness, and it was raining today, so painting inside seemed like a much better use of our pumpkins than carving outside.


emily-on-a-bus-14 emily-on-a-bus-13

Carter was so excited to paint his pumpkin!  He wanted to paint his red and he wanted Zellie to paint hers blue.  He was a little upset when we told him that Zellie would just be pretend painting her pumpkin haha.



And this is why we didn’t give Zellie any paint…  🙂



We did this leaf preservation craft at story time at the library last week and Carter loves having it in the window!


emily-on-a-bus-8 emily-on-a-bus-5 emily-on-a-bus-2 emily-on-a-bus-4

Carter was so cute to talk to Zellie and explain to her how he was painting his pumpkin and he was so excited to paint the whole thing red!



She did attempt to paint hers one time for a split second!  I was so happy that I caught it on camera!



The amazing red pumpkin!



The pretend blue pumpkin 🙂



And my favorite photo of all!  Zellie trying to sneak her own brush over to Carter’s masterpiece.  You can see him trying to push her away with his shoulder too haha!  We had a good time painting our pumpkins yesterday, and hopefully the kiddos are feeling well enough to go trick or treating!