I don’t know if many of you know this, but Scott is really quite funny.  Well, to me at least.  He chooses to place high priority on things that I just don’t see as necessities, but by gosh by golly he will see to it that he accomplishes those things!  It is one of his qualities that I struggle with the most, but it also is a quality that makes me love him even more.


This particular thing that he’s placed a very high priority on is our “yard”.  He’s been talking for months about all the things he wants to do to our “yard” and I just nod and smile and hope he doesn’t see me rolling my eyes because I just don’t see why we need to waste time, money, and energy into making our weed lot into something different.  BUT, then he continues to surprise me by how much of a difference the little things he does makes and I really do love the effort he’s put into our little “yard”!


His most recent endeavor with the “yard” was putting in grass.  He came across someone giving away sod for free so he jumped on it.  I was a little annoyed and getting curious as to where in the world he was going to put that little amount of sod… Well one day he woke up early before work, and he took his lunch hour, to prepare the soil and lay the sod.  And believe it or not, it looks nice!


The poor grass has taken quite a beating since it was with the previous owner for a little while without care and it gets full sun for most of the day, but we try our best to water it three times a day and maybe our love for it will help it to be beautiful and full and green someday!


Earlier last week it was particularly hot so the kids and I went out after naps and spent a good 2 hours “watering” the grass.  I tried to let the kids just play with the water with a few reminders to try to keep the water on the grass, so hopefully the grass got enough water!


I love that series of photos and how they get closer and closer to the water until both of their faces are in it!


And Zellie is willing to try anything that Carter does so she obviously had to stick her head in the water too haha.


It’s supposed to be in the 90s next week so I’m sure we’ll be finding ourselves out “watering the yard” some more!