Remember last winter when we experienced crazy low temperatures and crazy amounts of snow here in Hood River, OR and it was not at all expected?  Well, hello summer.  You guessed it, crazy high temperatures and crazy lack of rain that was not at all expected.  Where does that leave us?  In weather that is over 100 degrees for almost two weeks straight!!  Again, crazy.  Luckily we have A/C at home, there are some great indoor places to visit downtown Hood River with the kids, and we happen to know some amazing friends that have a pool!


They also have these cute playground toys on their deck and for a while there I was worried Zellie would never want to get in the pool because she was having way too much fun on these!


For some reason Carter always seems to get spoiled!  Our friends recently purchased this jet ski for the pool, and I would have never guessed it, but IT ACTUALLY WORKS!  Like it actually has a battery and little motor in it and can be driven around the pool haha.  It goes very very slow which is good, but man did it make Carter feel super cool!


This little one LOVES the water!  She would try to swim on her own constantly and usually she refuses to wear any sort of floatie.  I’m not really sure how we tricked her into wearing these ones actually haha.  Her favorite thing is to “jump” off the side of the pool into the water.  She really just steps off, but she thinks she’s jumping and it’s the cutest thing ever!  As you can tell, she also likes to be thrown in the air and splash back down into the water 🙂

Carter learned to swim without a floatie earlier this summer, but he refuses to do it haha.  There was a time for a little bit during this pool day that he did take his floatie off and he practiced swimming on his own some, but then dad challenged him to a splash contest so this kid rushed to get his floatie back on and continued to jump in the pool over and over again for the next hour!


And an accidental baby bump glamour shot 😂 I asked Scott for something very specific that was not this at all… Obviously he didn’t even pay attention to what I was asking (he was also trying to keep an eye on two kids in the pool and not get our really expensive camera wet).  But I’ve documented my 31 week baby bump and that’s an accomplishment for me so I’ll take it!