Let’s face it, you’re way more interested in cute, chubby, almost two-year-old Carter than Scott or I so I’ll share a little of what’s going on in this little Mister’s life ūüôā

He LOVES his cousins. ¬†We’ve been staying at my sister’s house in Idaho the last few days and my other sister and her family has been here too. ¬†There are 11 kids here all together and it has been a blast! ¬†Every morning when Carter wakes up he asks for his cousins. ¬†He always starts by asking for Rose first (she’s closest to his age), then he’ll mix it up every day by asking for at least 3 of the other 10 cousins. ¬†Carter is usually the first one up at 7am so I have to tell him that everyone is still sleeping. ¬†This does not keep him from calling down the stairs for everyone though! ¬†When people do start to groggily make their way up the stairs and into the kitchen, Carter excitedly waves his fork or spoon in the air and greets them by yelling their name. ¬†Seeing all of his cousins emerge in the morning is probably one of his favorite parts of the day. ¬†And he’s constantly yelling peoples’ names throughout the day when they enter or exit the room he’s in haha.

He LOVES to bounce and boink! ¬†When Carter gets hit by something or runs into something, or just hurt in general I guess, we’ve always said, “Bonk!” to help him realize it’s okay and he can laugh it off. ¬†Well, he’s recently discovered that trampolines aren’t as scary as he first thought so he’s constantly asking to go outside to bounce and boink. ¬†He just runs around and around the trampoline as fast as he can yelling “Faster! Faster!” until he accidentally or purposely falls and then he laughs and laughs while saying “Boink!”. ¬†He’ll also do big stomps and yell “March! March!” as he goes around the trampoline trying to stomp as hard as he can until he accidentally or purposely falls. ¬†And occasionally he’ll jump up and down with both feet in unison and yell “Bounce! Bounce!” but that is when he’s feeling really brave haha.

He did this a couple months ago but stopped after a few days, and now it’s back! ¬†If he wants something (whether it be food, permission to do something, or to know where someone is) he’ll open his wide eyes real big, drastically cock his head to the side, and put his arms and hands up like he’s asking “Why?”. ¬†In the cutest, littlest voice ever, he’ll then say what he wants, for example, “Rose?” or “Bounce?” or “Outside?” or “Dinner?” or “Color?” or “Walk?” ¬†It’s always one word requests haha and it kills me every time he does it! ¬†It’s just so stinkin’ cute and he obviously knows that it’s hard for me to say “no” to him.

We have been away from Scott and the bus since Saturday, but not a day goes by that Carter doesn’t ask where daddy is or ask to go see the bus. ¬†He loves doing video calls with Scott and tries to touch Scott’s face through the computer. ¬†He loves to see pictures of the bus and when he does he always points and says, “Bus! ¬†Daddy!” ¬†I think he really misses being on the bus and he especially misses taking rides on it.

Speaking of buses, Carter loves anything that has to do with transportation. ¬†He’s always asking to go for a car ride even though I’m pretty sure he doesn’t really want to. ¬†He gets so excited to see airplanes and helicopters in the sky. ¬†He points out every bus, truck, and tractor that we see. ¬†And his absolute favorite right now is trains! ¬†We were at the library the other day and he wouldn’t look at any book that wasn’t about trains. ¬†And if there was a page without a train in the book he would say, “Oh no! ¬†Train! ¬†Where it go?”