Zellie is basically my favorite person right now. She is hilarious and learning so much every day! I always forget that she’s one year old because she’s still crawling (err… scooting?) and she’s petite but she always surprises me and attempts to copy words I say!


Remember when she picked up growling at Halloween just in time to fulfill the role as cutest dinosaur ever? Well she’s still growling ha. She and Carter will get a little slap happy crazy right before bed sometimes and they love to jump all over the bed. They growl and giggle and squeal at each other the entire time as they throw stuff animals and wrap themselves up in blankets only to jump out of them. It is really fun to watch the two of them interact without getting upset at each other so we let it go on for a few minutes before calming them down and putting them to bed.


I’ve been trying to teach her to blow kisses for a couple weeks, but she’s just not interested. Instead she started making the kissing sound and she’ll just do that when I say “blow kisses!” even though she very well knows how to use her hand too. The little kissy face she makes with the sound is so adorable though!  On occasion she’ll make the kissy face and then put her hand to my mouth for me to blow kisses haha.

She refuses to give a normal kiss on the cheek… She much prefers to blow giant slobbery raspberries all over my cheek! Oh and she growls during this too 🙂 It’s so cute, but not my favorite thing at 5:30am… when she insists on doing it the most…


She LOVES music! She’ll dance and bounce to pretty much any noise whether the phone is ringing, music is playing, or the car is dinging because we left the lights on. If she hears a sound to dance to her face beams and she looks for Scott or I to see her and praise her for dancing!

She eats so much food its not even funny, she loves to cuddle her stuffed animals, and she thinks she’s so sneaky when she get ahold of my phone, but as soon as she’s done with any of those she drops it like its hot! And I’m being so serious. She actually tends to just whip things out of her hand with the slightest, but strongest flip of her wrist and it is very obvious that she’s DONE with whatever is was she was holding.


She’s started to say “CHEESE!” especially if I pull out the big camera!  This is when I caught her doing the cheesiest “Cheese!” I’ve ever seen!  Scott says it reminds him of Wallace and Gromit and I definitely agree.

She’s started to reach out with both arms and open and close her hands if she wants something. If I’m not reacting to her in a timely manner she’ll open and close her hands faster and faster and start to whine/growl at me hahaha!

I was talking with a friend today about how fast these stages in childhood slip by.  One minute you’re holding a tiny newborn and then next they’re walking and talking.  With Zellie not walking yet, I’m still holding on to her as my baby.  Ha, now that I think about it, we actually called Carter ‘Baby’ until a few months before Zellie was born!  So at least until his 2nd birthday and a little longer after that.  And I don’t think I’ve once referred to Zellie as ‘Baby’ by itself, she’s always been ‘Zellie Baby’ or ‘Baby Zelle’.  It’s interesting to see how different life is as a parent for baby #2 than it was for baby #1, but I hope my kids will always know how much I love each of them so deeply!