I could never ever ever tire from looking at this beautiful mountain.  The other week the kids and I ventured out to hike Bald Butte in search of some stunning views of Mt Hood and it did not disappoint!


This photo was taken from the car.  The two kids and I hiked up way passed that tree line on the top right!  It was a steep climb with a lot of loose rocks so I carried Zellie and held Carter’s hand for a good portion of the hike up.


Collecting all of the rocks!


I love how he’s using his binoculars to find the perfect rock!


And he found it!  He’s been collecting larger rocks recently and painting them.  It’s been a fun activity for the two of us during Zellie’s nap!


Seriously though?!  That mountain.  The orchards.  The farms.  It’s so beautiful!


This kid and his binoculars.  Funny story about these binoculars… I hiked to the top of this very long, very steep hill with both kids and we basked in the beauty of our surroundings once we reached the top. Then, we go back down the very long, very steep hill and as we reach the bottom what does Carter realize? “Mom!! I don’t have my binoculars!” 😳 They were left at the very top of the very long, very steep hill 🤦‍♀️ So I buckled the kids in their seats, gave them each an apple, rolled down the windows, and hiked back up to get the binoculars… #motheroftheyear


They LOVE getting dirty!


Yay! We made it to the top!


And that wink!  Oh how I love this boy!  And then Zellie’s awkward face… haha!


Carter realized that his voice echoed at the top so I started yodeling and the kids thought it was hilarious.  Carter tried it out for himself and I thought he did pretty good!


We feel very blessed to have been living in the valley of Mt Hood for almost a year (CAN YOU BELIEVE IT’S ALMOST BEEN A YEAR?!?!).  We’ve never lived somewhere for so long since having Carter and we’re so grateful for this time to be able to call Hood River our home!  We’re also really looking forward to all of the fun 4th of July activities that our town is putting on and even more excited to be sharing the festivities with so many friends!