While camping in the Olympic Peninsula, we trekked over to Victoria by way of ferry boat and spent the day exploring the charming city!  The drive from the Klahowya Campground to Port Angeles was beautiful as we wrapped around Crescent Lake.  We woke up a little late and had to mega rush to get everyone in the car (Carter was half dressed… and seriously though, he wasn’t wearing pants yet).  So, though the drive on the winding roads around Crescent Lake was very beautiful, I was feeling extra queasy as I was trying to do my hair and makeup in the car.


The Ferry

I mentioned that we were rushed getting everyone into the car that morning so as to not miss the ferry boat (the next one wouldn’t have been for several hours), but what I didn’t mention is that WE WERE SUPER MEGA RUSHED!  So, Scott parked the car, paid for our spot then grabbed Zellie and ran off to buy ferry tickets while I quickly got Carter mostly dressed (still missing shoes…) and packed our day bag with diapers, food, and water.  Scott had run off with the keys by accident so I had to lock the car from the inside.  As soon as I had closed the door after locking, Scott called to remind me to grab the passports which I had totally forgotten!  I had also forgotten the camera… so Scott had to run back to the car to get the things I forgot.  I had started running with shoeless Carter towards Scott and we met about halfway.  I took Zellie from him (who I think was also shoeless) and the kids and I started booking it to the ferry.  Somehow we all made it to the building before they closed it to ferry walk-ons!  It was a pretty stressful 7 minutes, but we did make it and no one got lost! (Maybe it was just because I was so frazzled about being late and forgetting things, but I was so confused about how to get to where we needed to be to get on the ferry haha)


Man it felt good to be on the ferry!  And look at that beautiful view of Washington 😍


Carter LOVED the ferry.  He was so excited to be on such a big boat!  And we obviously didn’t have time to do his hair during the mad rush of the morning.. 🙈


The ferry ride was a little over an hour so we kept entertained (and probably provided entertainment to many others!) by have the kids race on the deck, spin around poles, and test out almost every available seat.  I’ve only been on one cruise, but I didn’t get seasick like many warned me of.  This ferry was something else!  It was so hard to walk around haha, and poor Zellie being so small and light!  She was very cautious while walking around.


Just waiting to get off the ferry boat.


Carter’s 20th or so stamp in his passport, and Zellie’s very first stamp in her passport!!

The Wharf

Upon arriving to Victoria, I was blown away at how beautiful it was!  There were just so many small details with landscaping and flowers, to the food trucks and vendors, to the brick, street signs, and street lights!  It was all just so charming!  We walked around the wharf and Carter was so excited to see all the different water taxis and ferries, but these sea planes were by far his favorite!  We got to see a couple take off and Carter loved it!


Lunch at Red Fish Blue Fish

For lunch we went to this place called Red Fish Blue Fish on the harbor.  In Scott’s research, it was the top rated place to eat in Victoria with fair warning about a line forming early on.  We got to the restaurant about an hour before opening and we were the fifth people in line.  Within 15 minutes of us lining up, There were at least 30 more people in line!  The line just kept growing too, so we’re glad we got there when we did.  Oh, and we VERY HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU GO TO RED FISH BLUE FISH if you’re ever in Victoria.  We tried one thing from each section on the menu and it was all amazingly fantastic.  You really can’t go wrong!


This is just some of the stuff we ordered.  I don’t remember what anything was called (except for the fish and chips, obviously) but I’m serious that I don’t think you could go wrong with anything on the menu.  The flavors were all so unique and incredible and the quality was 👍👍👍  Also, we’ve eaten fish and chips in several different countries, but our favorite were by far in New Zealand.  Well, on this day in Victoria, BC we found a contender!  These were the closest tasting fish and chips that we’ve ever had to the ones in New Zealand!


The kids loved everything we ordered too which was kind of annoying because they ate a lot of it haha.




As part of our wandering, we made it to Chinatown.  Scott has special memories of visiting Chinatown in San Francisco as a young kid so he was especially excited to be taking Carter and Zellie.


The kids loved looking at all of the little trinkets and touching EVERYTHING in sight and arms reach in the stores haha.  Carter was just beside himself when Scott told him he could pick out something from one of the stores, and lucky us, he chose a sword 🤣  He was very serious about having a sword, being very careful to not whip it out at the wrong time and accidentally hit someone.  He was very proud of his sword and loved walking around the city with it.  We had to keep reminding him that it was intimidating for other people if he had his sword out as we were walking haha.  It was definitely an interesting choice seeing as how we continued to walk around the city for several more hours, but to this day he still loves his sword!


We used the buses to get around the city and the kids really loved it!  Zellie got all comfy in her seat and never wanted to get off haha.  Carter compared every bus to our bus!  He thought it would be pretty cool if we had some seats like these in our bus 🤣


Victoria Bug Zoo

We stopped at the Victoria Bug Zoo for a little while in the early afternoon to escape some of the heat, but funny enough, they actually keep the zoo very warm for all of the bugs… So it actually wasn’t any cooler inside!  Ha, we won’t make that mistake again.  But the kids really enjoyed seeing all of the different bugs.  There were a couple employees that walked around and did informational presentations on the different bugs.  They even took many of the bugs out of their habitats and let the kids see them really close and even touch some!



Beacon Hill Children’s Farm

After the bug zoo, we went to Beacon Hill Children’s Farm.  There were a few different animals to see, but everyone’s favorite were the goats!  There were shelves of brushes, so we each grabbed one and had a blast just brushing all of the goats.


I got some really funny video of the kids (and Scott!) with the goats so keep an eye out for that!  Scott actually loved spending time with the goats more than the kids did haha.


About 32 weeks pregnant with baby #3!


We don’t have a double stroller, and we accidentally soaked the baby carrier we brought early on in the trip so Scott spent a lot of time towards the end of the day like this carrying both kids!  I posted on Instagram about our stroller dilemma, but I’d love to hear if you have any suggestions of a good double stroller that isn’t side by side, has hard plastic wheels, can accommodate a third kid via a riding board, is easy to maneuver, and folds up to a decent size.



Fisherman’s Wharf Park

To end our day in Victoria, we went to Fisherman’s Wharf Park and had dinner and ice cream!  This area is really cool because the restaurants, shops, and walkways are all floating!  It’s like food trucks, but on the water haha.


The whole atmosphere was so fun and we enjoyed dinner at Smoke and Anchor.


We then headed over to Jackson’s Ice Cream because, well, ICE CREAM!  Seriously, ice cream at the end of an exciting and exhausting day of exploring is just the best!



Back to the Ferry

Carter requested that I take his picture just like this. 🤣


The ferry ride home was a lot less than ideal… It was after the kids bedtime, the ferry was over an hour long, it was super crowded and it was freezing!  But, our day exploring Victoria was amazing and I can’t wait until we can go back so I’m okay if the short (in comparison to the entire day) ferry ride home was a bit of a lemon.  Until next time Victoria!!