Well, I haven’t been blogging in some time!  Life has been pretty busy for me over the last couple of months, but it’s been so wonderful too!  My biggest project over the last couple months has been ZELLE, an online store filled with baby/toddler girls clothing and accessories hand made by yours truly!  It’s been an exciting time for me as I’ve poured my heart, soul, and countless hours of sleepless nights into this little shop and I’ve been blown away by the positive response and support that I’ve received since opening!  On top of the shop, I did a lot of photo shoots, was mom full time, prepped for baby #3 to join us, and somehow managed to not go completely crazy!  Now that baby #3 has joined us, I’m on “maternity leave” and my shop and photography are taking a short break to adjust to life as a family of 5 😊  I figured that when the baby joined us then I’d have ample time to finally edit photos and videos from the last TWO months of our life and work on updating the blog!  So here goes nothing 👍

Camping in the Olympic Peninsula

Towards the end of August, we decided to go camping in the Olympic Peninsula as our last big family trip before baby #3 came.  We chose to stay at the Klahowya Campground.  The campsites were pretty private, we were 50 yds from a beautiful river, and there was a lot of exploring for the kids to do!

The kids LOVE camping and they do so great with it, it really is such a fun family experience for all of us!  Since we were in the woods with no technology and our days were kind of dictated by the rising and setting of the sun (since that’s when the kids usually woke up and when we put them to bed) Scott and I ended up going to bed before 10pm every night!  It was a crazy thing getting so much sleep haha.


They love helping to set up the tent!  Zellie is not much help at all, but she enjoys watching and holding the steaks.  Carter is getting pretty good at assembling all of the poles and clipping the tent to them once it’s up!


Carter was so excited to help blow up the mattresses!


They seriously could play in the tent ALL. DAY. LONG.


It’s weird looking back at these photos with my baby belly so big!  Jameson has only been in our family for about a week, but I already can’t remember life without him!  I sure do love these two older kiddos of mine 💕  I’m far from a perfect mom, but they are both so forgiving and loving.  I’m so grateful for opportunities like camping that help us to be closer, experience more together, and grow stronger as a family!