Remember that time I took a skate to my leg and ended up with a deep laceration and 18 stitches?  Man oh man, that feels like it was months ago but it was really only a few weeks ago!  This little outing to Dog Creek Falls was the first time I left the house (other than to go to Drs appointments) and it felt so good to explore with my little family!  Sitting comfortably was still a little difficult for me when we took this outing, so we decided to go somewhere nearby.  It was an overcast day (one of my favorite things!) and it even drizzled on us for a few minutes, but we all had a blast and Carter loved exploring the new area and eating all the snow he could get his hands on.


Carter wanted to bring his binoculars on this adventure, but he ended up just using them to scoop up snow and eat it instead of looking through them.  That might have been his plan all along though haha.  Next time we go out in the snow I think I’ll bring a bowl and spoon for the kid!


Dog Creek Falls is a smaller waterfall, but it was still beautiful and fun to see the gushing water surrounded by snow.  Scott wanted to get an unobstructed view of the falls so he moseyed on into the water.


All of the moss though??!?!  (insert all of the heart eye emojis)


See what I mean?  Constantly filled with snow haha.


We’re all so glad that I’m back to 100% now and are very excited to get back to exploring!