We survived the first day of the PNW Snowpocalypse!  Survived is not really the best word for the situation considering we are actually very prepared for the weather and snow.  We spent most of the day inside reading books and playing with toys, but my favorite time was when Scott pulled out his quadcopter and flew it around our little space for over an hour!  Carter loved watching it fly around, but he was also pretty scared of it when it came near him haha.  But, I can’t say anything because I would flinch and squeal too when Scott would fly it towards me!

See him hiding behind the pillows? Haha!


He thought it was the coolest thing when he got to hold it and Scott would fly it out of his hand!


Scott was spinning the blades to blow air in Zellie’s face hahaha.


The bed got a lot of use out of us today haha.  We spent quite a bit of time reading books together and it was fun for me to slip away and grab the camera for a bit while Scott read to them.


In the afternoon we bundled up and spent some time outside playing in the snow!  Zellie has zero snow clothes so I put her in so many layers of her clothes and then topped it all off with some of Carter’s.  This was her first time playing in the snow—usually I have her in the baby carrier—and she absolutely loved it!  She just sat there content for most of the time eating snow and giggling 🙂


This was the very first time she put snow in her mouth and she obviously thought it was so cold!


Brother and sister eating snow off their thumbs the exact same way!


He’ll always lie down face first in the snow and eat it!


We had so much fun playing in the snow and we’re loving this winter wonderland that we’re in while we’re here!