A friend and I took the kids to hike to Wahclella Falls in the Columbia River Gorge and it was so fun!  It was a little over a mile to the waterfall and the older boys did great doing it on their own.  To actually get us to the waterfall—instead of playing with rocks in the parking lot—I carried Zellie in the Ergobaby Carrier.  Being 7 months pregnant and carrying an 18 month old in the Ergobaby carrier was surprisingly much more comfortable than I expected!


One thing that makes a waterfall hike even better for me is seeing waterfalls on the way to the destination waterfall!  I can never get enough waterfalls 😊


He loves to run ahead and be the leader when we go hiking.  At one point I called out to him so he didn’t get too far ahead and as he turned around I said, “Are you having fun!” He said, “Oh yeah!” and I encouraged him to show me how excited he was and his face turned to what’s in the above photo haha.


And then about 50ft later he gets to a pile of rocks and begs for me to take his photo!  Haha all on his terms I guess!


And the majestic Wahclella Falls!  The entire hike was beautiful, but this waterfall was something else.  The kids looked at it for about 20 seconds, thought it was cool, and then begged to go play in the water!  So we went back on the trail a little bit to play in the creek and we had lunch before making it back to the car.  We sure do love all of the kid friendly hikes in the Columbia River Gorge!