Oh, hi there.  I’m Emily and I’m really behind on blogging… Seriously though there are five drafts sitting in my “Posts” section and I don’t even know what I was planning on doing with some of them since it’s been so long!  I’m attempting to catch up though so yay me!  These photos are from when we went to the Hood River County Fair a couple weeks ago!


The fair took place a few days before the crazy heat wave came through Hood River so it was actually beautiful weather that evening!


Can we talk about this Sonnet James dress for a minute please?  It isn’t a maternity dress, but it’s so comfortable for maternity!  Scott actually got me this dress for Christmas last year.  Yes, he bought me clothes without me picking them out and yes he did an amazing job!  I love this dress and how functional and comfortable it is.  And I’m excited that I’ll get to wear it just as much after baby comes!


So, sad story about the fair… Scott and I had a little miscommunication about who was going to bring the cash, but we didn’t realize it until we were at the entrance…  We figured at the entrance they would take card and then we’d use the little cash that we did have to pay for the kids to ride a few things.  BUT, the entrance did not take card, they were cash only.  They said there was an ATM inside the fair so we gave them pretty much all of our cash and were hopeful that the ticket counter took card, and if not that we’d have the ATM to get more cash out.  Well, the ticket counter definitely did not take card either!  AND lucky us, the ATM was totally busted.  Poor Carter was so excited to ride the airplanes, trains, and carousel but he didn’t get to because his parents forgot the cash!  Luckily there was a whole section dedicated to the FFA and 4H programs so we spent almost 2 hours looking at and petting animals haha.


Zellie is obsessed with animals so she was having the time of her life squealing at all of them 🙂


28 week bump date photo!  I’m 32 weeks now and boy, let me tell you, 4 weeks makes such a huge difference in that belly size!  No joke, I totally feel pregnant now that I can’t bend down without grunting and you better believe I need help getting back up.


This pig was so funny!  It jumped up in excitement as we were walking close to it so Scott and the kids went over to pet it.  It was wagging it’s tail and twitching it’s ears and then slowly started to melt to the ground as the kids were petting it haha.  This pig loved the attention!


Even though we didn’t get to do any rides this time, we still had a lot of fun as a family and I’m so grateful for these kiddos of mine!  I’m the luckiest momma!