Disclaimer: Scott just told me I’ve been really funny all morning, so I might accidentally take it too far in this post… Please bear with me and save all of your eye rolling for when I’m not looking. ¬†Chuckles are always appreciated though ūüôā

Since I hurt my foot a week and a half ago, I’ve pretty much been sitting with my leg propped up on the couch while Scott has taken on every responsibility known to man. ¬†He¬†has been amazing to help out with everything and it was such a blessing that he was able to set aside last week to help my foot get better (always reminding me to R-I-C-E) and spend so much time with the kids. ¬†I’m actually a little upset about the whole situation because Carter is becoming less of a momma’s boy and more of a daddy’s man. ¬†But it’s bound to happen eventually so I’ll just shed tears slowly while I’m alone as this chapter for us is fizzling, and be grateful that Carter has an amazing father to look up to. ¬†I’m definitely not dropping a Mentos in a Coke bottle to get the fizzle over with quickly, I plan on dragging this transition out as long as possible!



And now back to the reason for this post… Memorial Day! ¬†First off, I am so grateful to all of the men and women who have sacrificed so much to serve our country to protect the freedoms that we have. ¬†My great grandpa and my grandpa both served our country in uniform and at home by taking active roles in their communities and raising righteous families. ¬†I honor these men who mean so much to me, and many others for their hard work and selflessness.



For the holiday, it was so nice to have friends over and to have plans since I was slightly immobile for so long. ¬†We planned a day at the beach and then a bbq dinner with a campfire just to make sure the kids had zero sleep and way too much sugar (maybe not the initial plan, but that’s definitely what ended up happening).



We arrived at the beach by 11am and it was covered in a thick fog. ¬†You really couldn’t see more than 100 yards in front of you and it was truly one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.






Between the two families we brought just enough stuff.  And we know that because it took the men two trips to get everything from the car!  I did however forget to bring towels and a change of clothes for Carter.  We survived though.




The kids were all sandy and in the water within seconds of arriving. ¬†We actually set up camp by this river that runs through the beach and then connects to the ocean. ¬†You can’t see it in the photo because of the fog, but the ocean is just straight a little ways farther from where we were.



Only the essentials. ¬†And these cookies… Oh man oh man. ¬†If you have a Safeway near you, then RUN! ¬†Get the S’mores cookies and make sure they’re warm when you eat them. ¬†Scott and I have been really good to not eat sugar the last week and these cookies totally ruined it for us. ¬†I don’t usually like store bought cookies either, but these things were out of this world.



That fog though?!?!



The dads took the kids to the ocean and the kids found sand dollars!



Carter’s was broken in half when he found it so it was obviously a crab. ¬†Not a sand dollar… Come on, mom.



Who needs a towel and extra clothes when you have daddy’s sweatshirt to snuggle up in! ¬†See, I planned that from the beginning.




Probably my new favorite picture of this kid.  Chocolate on his face and all.







The sun did end up coming out in the early afternoon and we were graced with beautiful blue skies! ¬†There aren’t any pictures of it though because I was nursing the baby and holding her while she slept until we left… aaand Scott was getting a little annoyed with me demanding him to take photos while I was stuck in my chair with the baby. ¬†True love right there.







Best kept secret for s’mores: ¬†use chocolate cookies instead of graham crackers and chocolate! ¬†I especially like to use the Keebler Fudge Stripes Original cookies, but these Annie’s double chocolate cookies were good too! ¬†You definitely needed two mallows for this well balanced cookie sandwich.











Such cute little friends <3



Carter might have only started doing this because Mae was doing it first and Carter got jealous that someone else was playing with his baby sister, but it’s still the cutest thing for me to see. ¬†I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day holiday!