The last official stop of our Oregon coast trip was Cannon Beach.  We walked the downtown area, had dinner, and spent the rest of the evening watching the sunset over Haystack Rock as Carter played in the sand.  To say it was the perfect end to the perfect long weekend adventure would be an understatement!


The town of Cannon Beach was so picturesque and cozy.  We loved walking up and down the streets peering into all the little shops!


We found a stray $5 bill in the car as we were getting the kids out so we decided to give it to Carter so he could pick out a special toy at the toy store.  He was so excited!  As we were walking to the toy store he was jabbering about all the different things he might get at the toy store with his money and it made me chuckle.  I was a little sad that he’d get into the store and soon find out that NOTHING was $5 or less because this was a fancy toy store in a tourist town.  We figured this would be the case before we decided to give the money to Carter, but I wanted to exercise a little problem solving practice with him so we went for it.


Zellie LOVES stuffed animals!  They had an entire wall of stuffed animals (and then some!) and she went straight there first and picked out this cute elephant.

After what Scott felt like was forever, Carter found this airplane and thought it was perfect!  There were so many big and flashy toys in the store that Carter said he wanted.  When he would get a little pouty and sad that an item cost more than the $5 he had I knew that he didn’t really love the toy, just the idea of having it.  When he would get a frustrated that his $5 wasn’t enough for something and he’d try to reason with me by saying, “Okay, so I have $5, and then we can just work and get the other monies so we can get the rest and it won’t be expensive!” then I knew that his little mind was at work and that specific toy was actually something that he would probably love.

We did spend a good 40 minutes in the shop letting the kids explore and helping Carter try to find something to buy, so when he found this airplane and it was small we excitedly told him that he did have enough money for it!  …Even though it was actually $8.  He was so proud to hand over his $5 bill and to this day, 3 weeks later, he still LOVES this airplane!


Isn’t it adorable!  He really does love this little plane so much.  It is quite the honor if he lets me or Scott (never Zellie because she’s too little and might eat it) be the airplane when we’re playing together.


Carter: “Mom play with me!”

Me: “Okay, my hand will be my airplane!”


Carter: “Um, never mind.  Your hand is not a great airplane.”


Fish and chips!!  We have gotten fish and chips a lot, but this was the first time Carter was thoroughly confused where the chips were and why they messed up and got us french fries haha!


There’s just something about the beach and the sunset that is so extremely magical that there are no words to describe it.


Racing to Haystack Rock!  And the race ended once I caught up with Carter and he decided he was too tired to run any more but insisted that we should continue to walk while holding hands 🙂


First, I just want to say thank you for scrolling through all of these photos.  Actually, thank you for scrolling through any of our blog posts!  Second, I need to say thank you to everyone who reached out to us after my IG post the other night.  I don’t mean to dwell on how rough our life is right now, especially because there are so many others who are struggling more than me so who am I to complain?!  My heart could burst from all of the love and kindness shown in person and via social media and messages and I am so humbled by your generosity!  And like I mentioned in the IG post, even though life isn’t even close to ideal for us in some ways right now, our life is far more ideal in other ways.  It has taken us some time and some tears to see some of our hardships as blessings, but we’re grateful for the new insight.  We have each other, we have our health, we have our home, we have our friends, and we know that God is watching out for us.  I like to consider myself a patient person, but my patience is being put to the test yet again as we put our trust in God!  I cannot deny that he loves me and my family and I know this because he has placed so many of you in our life when He knew we needed it.

Scott and I know that we’ve never lived a conventional lifestyle and it’s those times when we get comfortable and start seeking something more conventional that God throws us a curveball or two.  It’s takes us some time, but we always end up being more grounded and stable in our “crazy hippy” lifestyle.  We have come to that realization again and that little flame of adventure is starting to get bigger.  Even though we dream of a day when we’ll have a little house and a little farm and tons of little kids running around, we know that right now, we thrive as a family when we are free from conventional roots.  And I’ll be the first to tell you that it feels so good to be forced into that realization again.  I mean, remember those crazy kids that traveled to 12 countries in 12 months with a baby??  Should we do it again with three kids in tow??