Our last beach for they day (don’t worry, we went to several more the next day!) was Cape Kiwanda in Pacific City, OR.  Zellie had fallen asleep on our drive here so we parked and watched dozens of surfers in the water.  Sitting in the car with the heater on and the sun shining bright, watching people surfing, I felt like it would be 70 degrees outside!  But it wasn’t.  It was 40 degrees without the slight windchill and there were tons of crazy people catching waves.  Did you know you can actually drive your car onto this beach?!  Scott wanted to do it, but I didn’t know if he was being serious that it was allowed or if he was just trying to get me to okay it whether it was legal or not and it made me nervous so I said no.  After getting out of the car and starting our hike as we walked along the beach, we saw several other cars driving in the sand and I was a little sad that I had told Scott no earlier, but at the same time I’m always glad I’m safe rather than sorry!


Carter was actually pretty tired by this time, especially after having run and played on 2 other beaches for several hours earlier that day, so he opted to go in the Ergobaby carrier and Scott and I were ecstatic because that meant no sandy mess on the kids AND we could actually go our own pace on the hike!!  Two thumbs up!


“The sun is too bright mom!  Come to my other side!”


We started our hike along the beach and followed a path of footprints up this sand dune.  The trail went along the coast line for miles and miles and, you guessed it, it was breathtaking!


Zellie and her gloves haha.  She wouldn’t keep the little knit gloves on while in the carrier so we tried out the big snow gloves and she didn’t keep them on for very long either.  She actually dropped one without us knowing, but luckily we realized it just before we made our big descent down the sand dune.  I had to do a bit of back tracking to find it, but I did!


Okay, not to brag, but this has to be one of the BEST photos of nature I have ever taken in my life.  #moneyshot


Shadow photo in the sand because tradition!


This is basically my and Zellie’s signature pose considering I’ve done it once before and it happens to be the only thing I can think to do when Scott prompts me to pose for a photo 🤦


The view of the beach from on top of the sand dune.  We made it about half a mile on this hike because it just got too windy for the kids (and I was getting hungry).  Cape Kiwanda was yet another incredible beach on the Oregon Coast!  After our super intense hiking, we wanted to treat ourselves to sushi so we drove the coastline down to Lincoln City as the sun was setting and the views were 😍😍  If you watched my IG stories from that day you saw the videos of Zellie eating soup and giving a satisfied “ahhh” at the end of each sip.  She does that any time she takes a drink and it’s sooo cute!  I think she got it from Carter too which makes it that much more adorable.

Recently she has really been wanting to be just like him and it’s taken me by surprise!  It started on this trip when she found Carter’s (clean) underwear in the suitcase and tried putting it on herself over her clothes!  She was getting so frustrated that she couldn’t get it and when Scott tried to take the underwear away to console her she got even more upset!  So he just put it on over her clothes and then she was happy as a clam.  If you watched my IG stories earlier this week you saw that she insisted on wearing one of Carter’s shirts all day.  The thing that was the cutest to me is that Carter had worn that shirt to bed and I was helping him change into new clothes for the day so the shirt was on the floor.  Zellie blitzed over to it and frantically started trying to put it on!  It was obviously too big for her and it got in her way a lot so I tried to help her and take it off but she got so mad when I did!  Somehow she found another one of Carter’s shirts, a button up flannel this time, and again insisted that she wore it!  I tried it take it off before her nap, thinking the buttons and collar would be annoying for sleeping, and she got so mad at me again that I just let her keep it on.  Scott snapped this photo while he was getting her to sleep:

The two of them are starting to get in each other’s way a lot more often.  Well, Zellie has gotten in Carter’s way for a while haha, but now Zellie let’s us know when any of us are in her way!  She’s a little bit feisty… but she’s still so cuddly and cheesy and adorable so hopefully all of those things will last for a long time!