The Oregon Coast: Munson Creek Falls Hike

When I think if visiting the coast I always think of beaches, BUT Scott surprised us with this fun, family friendly (short!) hike to a waterfall!  Munson Creek Falls is the tallest waterfall on the coast range, reaching 319ft and it’s amazing!  Carter loved the short hike, his favorite part was seeing all the little spots of snow haha.  I think he missed all the snow back home!


Isn’t the frost so beautiful???


The greenery and moss that was everywhere was amazing!  We’re excited to visit this hike again in the spring and fall to see what all the trees do!


He found the snow!


Poor little Zellie was so tired… she ended up falling asleep in the Ergobaby carrier on the way back to the car with her little face nestled into my back to keep her nose warm.


Isn’t that waterfall gorgeous??!!


My little hiking buddies 😍


Hiking to Munson Creek Falls was a great change in scenery in our coastal activities.  Carter was so excited to hike and the creek, small patches of snow, and the moss covered trees were fun little things to take time and observe!  Again, we’re looking forward visiting during other seasons!

2 thoughts on “The Oregon Coast: Munson Creek Falls Hike”

  1. Beautiful – and the funny thing is, unlike those amazing coastal shots you posted earlier in the week, your gentle walk could be along one of our rivers here in north Wales, the nearest one, Aber, actually comes down the highest uninterrupted fall of water in the country, looking a little like yours but not such a magnificent skyline. A lot of this land is like that – and most often rainy too! Love seeing your pix with family

    1. Hilly Jean, you’re making us want to visit Wales!! Some of my (Emily) ancestry is from Wales, so we are really looking forward to the day when we do get to visit! It sounds so beautiful!

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