After spending our morning at Cape Lookout State Park we were hungry.  I was hoping that we would have caught several crabs by this point and would just be waiting for them to be cooked so we could eat them, but we were advised against crabbing that day because of the lack of crabs for no known reason.  So, we looked to Yelp to find some place to eat and we were led to Blue Agate Café.  We were too hungry to care about what the coast looked like as we parked, but we did hear seals barking when we opened our car doors so we committed to walk the beach after lunch.


Let’s talk about this restaurant for a minute… IT IS AMAZING!!  We ordered fish and chips and the fish was so beautifully covered with a crisp, heavenly batter and the fries were seasoned to perfection!  I’m not even going to start on the sauce they had with it because it was too incredible to describe.  Scott noted a hint of dill in this garlic aioli and tartar sauce fusion!  If you’re ever in Netarts, OR or Tillamook for that matter because it’s not too far from town and it has a gorgeous view of the water, PLEASE GO!


Aren’t these homes on the hill, sifting out of the forest just beautiful!  The beach here was very rocky so Carter and Zellie were ecstatic.  And the afternoon sun could not have been more wonderful to us.  It was warm on our faces and it left the most beautiful yellow-y haze.  When we got down to the beach we weren’t hearing the seals any more, but we looked hard for them anyways.  We concluded that they must’ve been on the giant rocks out in the water because they were definitely no where near land.


That adorable little underbite though???  It gets me every time.


Carter wanted so badly to play in the ocean.  I tried explaining that it’s just too cold but he did not care.  “I’ll be fine mom!  I’m a big boy now mom!  It won’t be cold to me mom!”  We compromised that he could splash to his hearts content in any water farther up on the beach.


We spent another couple hours here at Oceanside Beach Recreation Site after lunch and it was incredible.  We chased the tide and got chased by the tide, Carter got substantially and enjoyed himself thoroughly, and then we got in the car and drove south on the coast so the kids could take naps and it totally worked for Zellie.

As per usual, we are using our Ergobaby Carrier in the photos in this post.  We’ve had the same carrier since Carter was a baby and both our kids enjoy being carried in it now!  We’re not really stroller people because the activities we choose to do as a family have been made easier for all of us with our baby carrier!