Whenever we visit the Oregon coast we HAVE to visit Tillamook Cheese Factory!  Actually, we have made trips to the coast for the sole purpose of visiting Tillamook.  It’s just so good!  I know there are a lot of great ice creams out there, we just really love visiting the factory because you get (unlimited) free cheese samples 🙂  On several occasions we’ve met friends here so we usually go through the cheese sample line a couple times, browse the little store for great deals on reject cheese, and get ice cream.  This time, with Carter being a little older and all of us needing a little extra time to stretch our legs, we went upstairs to the viewing area to watch some of the cheese making/packaging processes!


Carter was enthralled by all of it!


Squishy baby face!!  She is seriously so close to walking!  She will take several steps all on her own without being bribed or praised, but she’s very cautious about it and in the end she realizes she could crawl so much faster so he just crawls.  It really is the cutest thing though to see her walking 🙂


Cheese sample line ROUND 1.


Every time we go he insists on getting the same orange ice cream!  So orange sherbet for Carter (there are so many other amazing flavors!) and this time he willingly shared on his own!  It was so cute!  Also, do you open your mouth when you’re feeding a baby??  A few months ago Scott caught himself doing it with Zellie and I agreed that I do it too when I’m not consciously trying not to.  It was hilarious to see Carter opening his mouth every time he gave Zellie a bite!


We usually just get ice cream, but we’d been eyeing these deep fried cheese curds during our last visit to Tillamook Cheese Factory so we got them this time!  Everything from their restaurants looks and smells so good!  The cheese curds weren’t anything too spectacular.  We enjoyed eating them, are glad we tried them, but we’re not dying to get them again.  We’re really  just there for the ice cream!!!


This kids LOVES this bus.  Whenever we mention that we’re going to the cheese factory his first response is, “And I’ll get to drive the orange bus??”


Cheese sample line ROUND 3. Round 2 and 4 were not pictured because we felt that would be too excessive 🤦


A new little experience for us at the Tillamook Cheese Factory was walking around this boat!  Carter saw it as we were walking into the factory, but I was too set on getting my ice cream that we decided we’d revisit it on our way back to the car.  Carter is really into all things transportation so seeing this huge boat and imaging all the places it’s been and all the fish it’s caught and all of the sharks it’s fought off really got him excited!


I love seeing happiness exude from this kid.  Traveling and adventuring brings so much happiness out of all of us!