My grandparents with all the great grandkids that were there for Thanksgiving.

My grandparents with all the great grandkids that were there for Thanksgiving.

Well, somehow we’re already into December and time does not seem to be slowing down any time soon!  I’ve stepped away from the blog and social media for a bit as I’ve been focusing on my Zellie Bows business and some holiday preparations.  This year I’m trying really hard to incorporate more of Christ into our Christmas countdown and less secular Christmas icons.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the spirit of Christmas that Santa brings, but I am trying to convince Carter that Santa isn’t real, but that he’s just something we enjoy pretending about as to avoid any confusion later on.  Carter doesn’t believe me haha and I’ve never even tried to push Santa on him!  Marketing and media these days…

ANYWAYS, I’m here to document our time in Branson, MO over Thanksgiving!  I also want to interject and say that I am so saddened by the fires that spread through Gatlinburg, TN.  Gatlinburg is another place my family has enjoyed reunions and it is a special place for us as my grandfather lived in Oakridge, TN as a young boy while his father worked on the atomic bomb.  Our prayers are with all who have been affected by the fires.



Our time in Branson, MO with a lot of my extended family was so fun!  We enjoyed an evening at Top of the Rock, watching the Sight and Sound theatre perform Moses, experiencing the Dixie Stampede, and finally Thanksgiving.  As I mentioned before, the kids were extremely sick that whole week—I think they had the stomach flu—and Scott was my knight in shining armor who was willing to stay with them at the condo so I could enjoy spending time with my family.  There were several things that we were all able to participate in too that the kids really enjoyed even though they were sick!



Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede was probably the kids favorite!  It was a theatrical horse show with a fun Christmas theme AND we were served dinner!  The catch was that we didn’t get any utensils haha.



Carter was really enthralled by the whole thing and I loved how kid friendly the performance was!



Zellie was ecstatic during the whole show!  She was laughing and clapping and waving the entire time!  Seriously, too cute.


dixie-stampede-branson-4 dixie-stampede-branson-5

The audience was split up into teams—The North Pole and The South Pole—and there was a little competition going on throughout the performance.  We were on The North Pole team and we won!!!




dixie-stampede-branson-8 dixie-stampede-branson-9

Dinner is served!  Each person got a whole cornish game hen, biscuits, soup, pork loin, baked potato, and a apple turnover for dessert.  It was a really fun experience eating during the show and the kids loved it!  Again, we weren’t given any utensils haha so I think the kids REALLY loved that aspect of it.


dixie-stampede-branson-10 dixie-stampede-branson-11 dixie-stampede-branson-12 dixie-stampede-branson-13

Even though the kids were sick and Zellie basically demanded to be put to sleep halfway through, we all had a great time!  Definitely grateful for our Ergobaby carrier that makes putting our babies to sleep in public easy!


Thanksgiving Day


Thanksgiving this year was quite a bit different for me than years past as we were all in my grandparent’s condo for the meal.  We didn’t have a large table for everyone to sit at so we didn’t have any decorations, table seating tags, or fancy dishes and utensils.  What was there and what was the most important was that we were surrounded by family and we had WAY too much food (just the way it should be).


thanksgiving-branson-2 thanksgiving-branson-3 thanksgiving-branson-4 thanksgiving-branson-5 thanksgiving-branson-6 thanksgiving-branson-7 thanksgiving-branson-8 thanksgiving-branson-9 thanksgiving-branson-10 thanksgiving-branson-11thanksgiving-branson-12

I love this season of the holidays and that we get to spend time with loved ones and appreciate each others company.  I’ve been so very blessed in my life with a loving family and I’m so grateful to have spent Thanksgiving with them!  I’m also grateful that my kids finally got over being sick… the day after we got home from this trip… Ha, sickness you are so, so cruel.  I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays!