A couple weeks ago we spent a Sunday afternoon hiking around Wahtum Lake in the Columbia River Gorge.  Well, the goal was to hike around the lake and make it to an incredible view spot, but we were having a really hard time finding the right trail… so we ended up walking back and forth on the same 100 yards of trail and then decided to just make our way down to the lake and let the kids explore for a bit!


Even though we were very confused as to where the right trail was supposed to be, it was a beautiful day with beautiful weather and we were surrounded by the most beautiful scenery!  After we turned around for the 5th time or so, Carter started to get a little annoyed haha.  He didn’t understand why we couldn’t keep going on the trail and we didn’t either!  And then there’s Zellie who is completely chill pretty much all the time and was loving the ride in the Ergobaby carrier.

Carter pretty much lived in the Ergobaby carrier for the first 18 months of his life when we lived in 12 countries, so sometimes it feels like we never use it for Zellie.  But we really do use it so often with her and she loves it so much!


Here Carter is hiding the stick that I asked him to put down because he kept “accidentally” tapping the back of my leg with it while we were hiking haha.  I turned around and he quickly threw it under his shirt!  Cheeky boy!


Wahtum Lake is stunning!!  The lake itself is hard to access and not really great for kids to play at, but Carter jumped right in with Scott (a little above Carter’s knees) and excitedly attempted to help catch crawdads.  Zellie on the other hand was not so happy that she was confined to sitting in a little rivet of tree roots to keep her safe, she would’ve much preferred to be in the water with the boys!


There are so many things that I love about our Ergobaby carrier, but mainly it is just so comfortable!  We’ve had this same carrier since Carter was a few months old and both kids have used (and abused!) it, but it is still in great condition.  Scott will even carry Carter in it when we go on really long hikes and Carter needs a little break!


Even though we’ve loved our Ergobaby carrier I know that there are some other styles and brands out there.  As we are prepping to add baby #3 to our adventure team I’m doing a lot of searching in regards to what will be the best for our family!  I’m so grateful to everyone who responded to my questions on Instagram and Facebook a few weeks ago!  Your comments, experiences, and suggestions have all been so helpful!  We’re excited to find a carrier that will work best for our situation and to keep hiking and exploring as a family 🙂