After getting lost for the first time (that’s a story for another day!) while using the public transportation system here in Brisbane, we finally made it to Brisbane CBD.  We were so excited to be off of a bus that we took a picture on an elevator!


We had already spent a day in Brisbane CBD, but we really wanted more gelato so we took a trip to the Brisbane City Hall clock tower to justify our cravings.




At the entrance to the clock tower, there was a museum and we decided to have a look while we waited for our clock tower tour.  In the museum there was a station where you could make your own paper hats and telescopes.  Next to the station was this elaborate back drop so we assumed we were supposed to take pictures!



He didn’t really like having a paper hat on his head (he’d rather eat it) so I had to crouch down behind the boat and place it on his head as soon as Scott said “go” and he’d take the picture.


He was really annoyed that I kept putting the hat on his head but I wouldn’t let him have it so he decided to start eating the boat… I’m guessing from his face in this picture that he didn’t quite like how it tasted.


It was a beautiful museum with an several exhibits, some including Aboriginee culture and the value of the Brisbane River.


Next was the Brisbane City Hall Clock Tower tour!  It was actually pretty cool.  We rode on the original elevator (circa 1930) that is hand operated.  It was fascinating to see Brisbane CBD from this vantage point.  Carter liked looking down at all the people, who looked so tiny from how high we were, and yell at them.  Needless to say, it echoed in the tower…