Sometimes I find my self literally “LOL”-ing at the funny, uh, I mean… different… things Australians say in comparison to how I say them.  For one thing, this book is trying to make people who are eating a sandwich feel better about eating all the extra carbs in the bread by calling it a “salad roll.”  I mean, come on, really?


Here are some words that I would usually say along with what Australians say:

  • Diapers = Nappies
  • Garbage = Rubbish
  • Parking lot = Carpark
  • Cookie = Biscuit
  • Candy = Lollies
  • Mom = Mum
  • Elevator = Lifts
  • Burger King = Hungry Jacks
  • McDonald’s = Macca
  • Bathroom = Toilet (People have looked at me really funny when I’ve asked where the bathroom is… most likely because they’re wondering why I want to take a shower at a grocery store.)
  • Rain boots = Wellies
  • Knick knacks = Bric-a-brac
  • Soda = Fizzy Drinks

Our host has warned us of how Australians like to shorten everything.  We’ve even had to come to her needing some clarification on a few of them.  Granted, it’s more confusing to hear them being said rather than seeing them written out.  Here’s some examples:

  • Indooroopilly = Indrapilly (Indooroopilly is the Aboriginal name given to a suburb of Brisbane)
  • Good day = G’day
  • Australian football/rugby = footy
  • Stradbroke = Straddie
  • Brisbane = Brissy
  • Woolworths = Wooly
  • Fizzy Drinks = Fizzy
  • Breakfast = Brekky