For Scott’s 27th birthday we visited the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary.  All we knew before we went was that you get to cuddle a koala and we were sold based on that.  We took a 30 minute bus ride from Indooroopilly to the sanctuary and got there just after noon.

DSC02047 DSC02044


The map they gave us of the sanctuary had a schedule of different presentations and feeding times for the various animals.  When we realized the “Birds of Prey” presentation had just started, we booked it over to the little amphitheater.  They had closed the path to the seats since the presentation had already started so we had to watch from 50 meters away, but we still got to hear and see everything and it was awesome!  They brought out a white bellied sea eagle, a barking owl, and a barn owl.  The birds flew through the seated observers and it looked like the birds got really close to them!


We then went to the kangaroos.  There was a wide open field just filled with them!  Scott got us some food and we had a blast feeding and petting them.  We probably spent almost an hour just hanging out with the kangaroos.  Be prepared for a lot of pictures of kangaroos…


This was Carter’s initial reaction to the Kangaroos.  “Haven’t you ever heard of personal space??”


He warmed up quickly though 🙂




Do you see the little joey??  He came out to each with his mom and it was so cute!



My personal favorite picture of a kangaroo.



I’m pretty sure this was the biggest kangaroo there.  He was BIG!




 Scott even got to feed an emu!


He might look happy and excited in the pic, but take a look at the following pictures to see how it turned out.

After the kangaroos we went over and held a koala.  Unfortunately, they charge you $16 to take a picture of you holding a koala, but luckily we snuck this one of Scott 🙂

DSC02092 copy


“Where’s my baby??”

“Maybe the dingo ate your baby…”


This bird looked fairly normal, but then he whipped out his Elvis hair and flared out his red tail (kind of hard to see in the picture).  He made the weirdest noises.


We had a lot of kangaroo food left so after we walked around the whole park we went back to the kangaroos.  We even got to feed and pet wallabies!



These guys started to fight over which one was Scott’s favorite.



Scott was in heaven with all the kangaroos.


I promise we did loads of other stuff than just spend time with kangaroos, but our big camera ran out of space, and the battery died in our little camera.  We got to see platypuses, Tasmanian devils (really quite creepy looking things), wombats, crocodiles, lots of different kinds of birds,  snakes and other reptiles, and miniature horses (Bye bye Li’l Sebastian, miss you in the saddest fashion).