Scott has been sick for the last couple weeks and I got sick pretty much as soon as my parent’s left (nothing too serious, just a cough and some congestion), so we’ve been stuck in the apartment and close to it, trying to rest and get better.  Luckily Carter hasn’t gotten sick at all; we’ll keep our fingers crossed about that!  We’ve been feeling a lot better this week so we went for a real outing!  We took a bus up the coast and then found a walkway along the beach.  On the bus ride we saw some teenagers playing Christmas carols on the street!  We also stopped at a small grill and got some extremely delicious chicken on a stick… yum 🙂


As we walked along the coast we came across several playgrounds and saw sea lions!  The sea lions were pretty boring since they were all sleeping on this concrete mass.  Our biggest question was how they all even got up there in the first place… We’re assuming they were able to get up there during high tide, but we could see why they weren’t eager to jump off seeing as how it would be rather difficult to get back up right then.

IMG_8150IMG_8153 IMG_8147 IMG_8149 IMG_8159

This kid loves dirt and rocks.  No matter where we are, or what fun-looking play equipment is around, he’ll always go to the dirt and rocks.  At least he’s easily entertained!  As we’ve been here in Chile, we’ve seen these signs on every beach.  At first we thought that it said that the beach was not suitable for going to the bathroom, but the more we saw the signs, the more we questioned what it meant.. We found out today that it’s just saying the beaches aren’t suitable for swimming!  Silly us 🙂

DSC06635 DSC06638

And then to finish off the day, we ate eel!  You can’t see it in the picture because it’s under the eggs, but there is fried eel there.  It’s called Conger Eel, or in Chilean Congrio:


Eww!  We ate that!  But in all seriousness, it was delicious!  I’m glad that I didn’t see this picture before I ate it because I would have freaked myself out of eating it.  I’m very impressed with myself and my willingness to eat seafood more often!  Especially when it’s accompanied with a large side of fries.

Since we’re starting to feel better we’ll be packing in lots of things here in Chile especially because we’re only here for 10 more days!  Man, time flies.  We hope everyone is enjoying the holidays!!