After an unexpected mishap at the airport (and a whole lot of money we hadn’t budgeted to spend), we made it to our new home in Costa Rica. There was a time at the airport when we had the decision to just go home to the USA. Adrenaline was flowing and the thought of being reunited with family and having a somewhat more stable home was so enticing, but the excitement lasted maybe a total of 5 minutes before I felt so much at peace about doing whatever we needed to do to make it to Costa Rica. I didn’t feel sad about not going home right then, I just knew that we needed to go to forward as planned.

Even though I know we’re supposed to be here, it was hard not to let the ill feelings of losing a lot of money by making the decision to come here get to me. When we were on the bus to come to Puerto Viejo from San Jose I had to try really really hard to have a positive attitude. We were surrounded by a beautiful jungle, but I’ve already been to a jungle. We were driving along the beach, but we’ve been there and done that several times already. We were on a bus in a different country traveling to our home for the month and I should’ve been excited, but I wasn’t.

We’ve heard so many opposing opinions lately about Puerto Viejo, and Costa Rica in general. Those who have lived here recently said that it’s been overtaken by corporations, everything is really expensive, and it’s sort of lost its magic. Those who vacation here say it’s incredibly beautiful and they loved their time here. We’re stuck in between living here and vacationing since we’re doing a little bit of both. And because we spent a good chunk of our Costa Rica budget on surprise costs to just get here, there’s not a whole lot of moving around the country that we can do. It’s particularly frustrating coming from Ecuador which was really inexpensive and it was really easy to travel around the country.

We’re doing our research though to plan out our month the best we can. Our little home here is very new and quite nice so we’re excited about that part! Our landlord is German/Italian (her husband is Costa Rican) and she’s really great—very nice, adores Carter, and is more than willing to take us to the grocery store and to help us out with our bad internet connection.

There are positives to every situation, sometimes you just have to try to find them. We are grateful that we made it here safely and with all our luggage (seriously, that’s a big plus). We’re grateful that we’re a 3-minute walk to a great, long, beautiful beach. We’re grateful to be in a new county that has a lot to offer and we’re excited to explore it. And finally, it’s really hot and humid here so we’re extremely grateful that we have 2 large fans in our home!