The other day we rented bikes that we’ll be using for the month to get around.  The bikes aren’t anything special, but they do have baskets on the front which is extremely useful and mine has a baby seat on the back.  On the day that we wanted to go to Punta Uva (a beach over 8km away) we woke up early and started getting everything ready.  We wanted to get out the door by 8am, but I was dilly-dallying and we ended up ready to go after 8:30am.  As Scott was putting all our stuff in his bike basket he noticed that one of his tires needed a little more air.  As he went to put air in, he completely deflated his tire and in so doing found out that it was the wrong kind of pump for his tire… Luckily we only had to walk 100 meters to borrow a different pump that would work for the tire.  Phew!

So on we go, biking down a very rocky and muddy road, making it about 1000 meters when my tire went flat.  Yep.  So I carried Carter and Scott pushed both bikes back the 1000 meters to the place with the pump.  We were so frustrated at this point about getting out the door late, having to spend extra time pumping up Scott’s tire, and then going a good ways into the trip only to have my bike tire go flat on us!  We considered just going back home, forgetting our plans to be out for the day and taking all our mishaps as a sign that we weren’t supposed to go, but we were determined.


We got back on our bikes and made it the 8km to Punta Uva without anything else going wrong!  And, the first things we saw as we dismounted our bikes in the parking lot were sloths!!  Now that was rewarding.

DSC07573 copy

Even though we had arrived before 10am, the beach was packed.  We decided to take our bikes and walk down the beach a ways to spread out from everyone else.  By the way, it is really hard to push a bike through sand.  It’s even harder to push a bike through several inches of water on sand.  We ended up finding the perfect little nook where we set up our hammock and large blanket under the trees.


The day ended up being a bit cloudy and windy, but we played in the sand and water all the same.  The water is the perfect temperature here!  The beach was stunning, lined with jungle and deep blue waves crashing on the sand.  At one point, Carter and I ended up napping in our hammock and Scott grabbed the goggles and went off exploring.  When Scott got back, Carter had just barely woken up and we both had interesting stories to tell each other!

DSC07603 copy DSC07586

Let’s start with Scott’s adventure:  He went a ways down the beach and attempted to snorkel.  He ended up finding tons of sea urchins!  As he was swimming in shallow waters he was being thrown back and forth by the rip tide and had to do some intense maneuvering to not get stung by all the urchins around him.  He ended up bring back two of them to prove it!


Carter is looking very intently at the sea urchin 🙂

DSC07595 DSC07597

I didn’t have a physical token to back my story up, but I did have pictures!  While I was laying in the hammock with Carter fast asleep, I was playing solitaire and I heard some interesting noises that seemed very close.  I looked straight up from where I was and saw 4 monkeys jumping through the trees!  They were finding food and playing with each other and they were not quiet about it either.  The pictures make them look so much farther away than they felt!  I almost dared to wake Carter up to get a PB&J sandwich out of our bag to set beside me (I wanted to see if a monkey would come get it!), but I decided against it since I was all alone and had no idea where Scott had gone.  I’m just glad I had the camera accessible so I could get some pictures!

DSC07590 copy

We had a beautiful time at Punta Uva and we’re looking forward to going back!

A butterfly that we saved from the tide.  Isn't it beautiful!

A butterfly that we saved from the tide. Isn’t it beautiful!


Carter’s upset that we took him away from the sand to take a family picture 🙂

DSC07585 copy