I apologize, I’m playing catch up and, considering the hour, I’m not too keen on journaling our time in Mindo.  We took lots and lots of pictures, and since pictures are worth 1,000 words I’ll mainly just use our photos 🙂  Note: There are captions on some of them.

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Overall we had an incredible time in Mindo!  It was the perfect little getaway from our place in Quito.  We spent a lot of quality time together because we left our computers at home and it heavily rained the day we arrived.  We had the perfect little room in Hostel Charito (just off the main street) with a beautiful view and plenty of space for Carter to explore.

Our second day there we were lucky to not have any rain in the morning!  We went to the Mariposaria de Mindo and had a blast with all the butterflies!  Carter loved poking them, but if they actually got on his finger he shook his hand has fast as possible and didn’t stop until he was absolutely sure it was gone haha.

We then went on a hike to see 7 different waterfalls.  Scott wasn’t feeling well the day prior, and I was starting to not feel well, so we only ended up making it to 5 of the 7.  Apparently we missed the 2 coolest ones…  We’ll make sure not to miss them next time!

We loved our time in Mindo and we wished we had spent more than just 2 days there since it was raining for the whole of one of them.  Mindo was really a little paradise for us and we loved how small and intimate the town felt.

Our taxi driver for the day!

Our taxi driver for the day!