We’re interrupting our regularly scheduled “catch up” posts from our adventures last week to let you know a little bit about what has been going on this week.  In short, not much has happened.  Carter got sick at the beginning of the week and has been overly tired and irritable so he and I have spent most of our days this last week cuddling and watching shows.  Unfortunately we only own two books right now and there are only so many times Carter will sit through reading them over and over again.

IMG_8582This is his new favorite position to watch shows and I can’t keep but laughing every time he shuffles into his perfect spot.


After one of his naps the other day, he refused to get out of the bed.  He just sat there with a big pouty face and nothing I did was convincing him to move.  I kept asking him if he wanted something to eat, figuring he had to be hungry considering the hour, but he just vigorously shook his head “no.”  I finally grabbed an apple from the fridge and tossed it next to him on the bed and he immediately began eating it.  Once it was gone, he happily got himself off the bed.


Today was very different for Carter in regards to his previous behavior during the week.  We went to a clinic yesterday and found out that he has tonsillitis!  He’s now on some medication and even within the two days of taking it he is tons better.  He has a lot more energy and is generally happier so we spent the whole morning outside exploring.  After his nap, we started to hear thunder and eagerly awaited a storm.  Within minutes it was pouring rain and there was lightning and thunder constantly!  Scott was giddy about the storm and we immediately opened all the windows to let in the sound and smell of fresh rain.

IMG_8590 IMG_8595 IMG_8592We heard a BIG crack of thunder!


Since we were stuck in the house and it was an awkward time between lunch and dinner we made a smoothie.  Carter was the most excited about the smoothie and he drank at least half of it himself!

IMG_8601IMG_8606 IMG_8620 bw

Since Carter is on the upswing of his sickness, and we now have a fresh several inches of rain, we’re excited for what next week will bring and what we’ll be able to explore!  We’re hoping to make it to some hot springs on Monday 🙂