On our second to last night in Quito we met some friends in town and went to the Mercado Artesenal to get a few gifts to take home to family members.  (Family, if you actually read this I apologize for ruining the surprise.  Men in the family, don’t get your hopes up—the women were easier to shop for!)  There were some incredible things in the market and we had a lot of fun haggling with the vendors.  Scott thought he was pretty good at bargaining, but our friend really showed him up!  She was hilarious with how direct she was with the vendors, pretty much telling them to stop messing around and give us the absolute lowest price!  She really got us some good deals!

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After shopping we went to La Ronda street and found ourselves some decently sized empanadas.  HOLY HUGE!!  These things were ginormous (Scott always gets annoyed when I use that word because it’s not real, but I feel like it really adds value… and I just looked it up and apparently it is real).  They were dusted with sugar and delicious and we had hot chocolate and morocho on the side.  By the way, morocho is amazing!  I can’t believe it took us all month to discover this stuff!

There was a band playing while we ate and Carter loved dancing to the music.  He really seems to enjoy dancing these days, but at home he prefers to do it without a diaper… this kid!