On Tuesday we packed up one bag with a change clothes and towels, and another bag full of food and headed to Termas de Papallacta.  Some of our friends staying here at the farm went to these hot springs last week and were just raving about them so we figured we needed to see for ourselves if it was really as amazing as they claimed.  We were not disappointed; they were pretty amazing!  After taking a truck taxi, two buses, and yet another truck taxi we arrived at the hot springs.  The bus ride up to Papallacta was a little scary… We were driving right alongside a cliff and it was raining hard and all the windows were fogged up so we could barely see anything!  There was a lot of construction going on as well so we were driving on all sorts of terrain (new paved road, mud, gravel, old pot-hole filled road) and it made for a bumpy ride to say the least.  We were very glad to finally get off the bus and even more grateful that it wasn’t raining any more.

Scott in the back of a truck taxi.  We shared it with others so there wasn't any room for him inside the truck.

Scott in the back of a truck taxi. We shared it with others so there wasn’t any room for him inside the truck.

Us outside Termas de Papallacta.

Us outside Termas de Papallacta.  I’m not sure what Carter is looking at…

We were amazed by how beautiful and green and mountainous everything was!  This area is a part of what it called the Cloud Forest.  The clouds are always very low, creating an almost constant fog and mist.  It also rains a lot in this area.  Our day here was perfect and it didn’t start raining until we were leaving the springs so we considered ourselves pretty lucky.  And with how hot the springs can get it is nice to have a cooler outside temperature.

DSC07350 DSC07373DSC07361

My favorite area of Termas de Papallacta was the pool!  I think it was Carter’s favorite too 🙂  It was perfectly warm (I’m not a huge hot water person) and it was big enough for Carter to swim around.  He did a lot of yelling as part of his playing and we ended up clearing out the pool at least once because Carter was so loud.

It had been a long time since Carter had been in water deep enough to swim (the last time was in the Philippines; the beaches in Morocco, South Africa, and Chile don’t count) and it was so fun playing with him.  He was very brave and loved being thrown high in the air back and forth between Scott and me.

This is a video of him singing in the hot springs because he’s so happy!

After being there for about 4-5 hours, Carter and I got changed into our warm clothes and cuddled up so he could nap while Scott enjoyed himself in the springs for a little bit longer (he is a huge hot water person, haha).  After a long journey home, we were greeted by homemade potato soup from our friends staying here at the farm (aren’t we lucky!).