To finish up our weekend in Baños we boarded a Chiva and toured several of the waterfalls close to the city.  A Chiva is basically a trailer with benches, a roof, and half of a wall built on it with wood.  There are no windows, leaving it very open to the beauty of the outdoors.  Normally I’m sure this feature would be very much appreciated by the passengers, but it was cold and rainy so we were freezing!  The really nice thing about our Chiva was that there were only two other people on it.  We saw other Chivas in parking lots and they were packed!  Like several people had to stand because it was so full.

DSC07217We bought Carter a hat specifically for this occasion.  He was not happy about keeping it on at first, but once he realized it kept him warm he didn’t fight it.
DSC07229Another fun aspect of the Chiva is that they blast really really loud music!  Carter loved it and he was singing and dancing!


On the tour, the stopped at several locations to show us certain waterfalls or rock formations.  My favorite stop was one where Scott and I did a double Superman canopy ride!  While on it, we attempted to throw each other forward making it go faster.  When we got to the end, I thought I was going to smash into a cement wall head first!  Luckily, there were workers there who caught us at what felt like was the last second.  The video is a little ridiculous, but it shows really well what it was like going over the canyon!

At another stop, we boarded a little cable car and crossed the canyon to a waterfall.  The man controlling the cable car was not really paying attention or something because he kept starting and stopping us really fast and if we weren’t holding on we were thrown to the opposite side of it.  It was really cool to get up close to the waterfall from above!

DSC07248 DSC07253 DSC07255


Our last stop was at Cascada El Pailón del Diablo.  It was a nice hike down, and a tiring hike back up, but it was incredible!  We were able to get very close to the huge waterfall and it was crazy to see how powerful it was.  Luckily Carter was asleep during the hike, or he might have wanted to try to touch it haha.

DSC07269 DSC07280 DSC07297 DSC07293


After the tour, we went up to La Casa del Arbol.  It’s featured in National Geographic, and it’s been a something that Scott has been looking forward to seeing for a long long time, but it was a lot less special than we thought it would be.  First of all it was cloudy and rainy so we didn’t get to see the Tungurahua volcano which is right next to it.  Secondly, there were almost 100 people there!  It was very populated and there was a little restaurant/covered area so that’s where most everyone hung out since it was raining until it was their turn to swing.  It was a very safe swing, so I took Carter with me.  It was a lot of fun, but unfortunately not as unique as we were hoping it would be.

DSC07308 DSC07309 DSC07317