This week went by way too fast.  We spent many more hours on the beach, ate delicious Moroccan food, made our own chicken tagine, and we have been spoiled by the sunsets.  We are in love with Essaouira and I “jokingly” bring up how we should buy an apartment here and rent it out all year except for the 2 months that we’ll come to live here every year, but I’m actually not joking about it at all.  Maybe someday when we have money we can revisit that scenario!  Here a just a few pictures of our week:

DSC05743Our first homemade chicken tagine!  It wasn’t a complete success, but it was still delicious!  We’ve learned a lot since making it and we’re eager to get a tagine when we get home!  (Does anyone know if you can buy these in the US?)


DSC05761Carter loves it when Scott covers him with sand.


DSC05768Heart melt!  I love taking a step back and watching these two together.



DSC05780This water is a bit cold… but Carter is fearless!  He loves being in the water and having the little waves crash against his chest.


DSC05785Baby Ray-Bans… ‘nough said.


DSC05791Delicious chicken tagine and harira soup with heaps of bread from one of our favorite restaurants here in the medina.  It’s called Bab Skala and it’s right before you get to the canons.


DSC05798An evening at the cannons.  There were very thick, heavy clouds so we didn’t get to see much of a sunset, but it was peaceful watching the waves crash against the rocks.


DSC05820-copyAnother one of our favorite things to eat here: Shawarma!  There are french fries in the cone which aren’t exciting at all, but they come with the shawarma so we like it!


DSC05824A traditional Moroccan salad.  There are different variations, but it is basically tomato and onion, and sometimes you’ll see green pepper and/or cucumber added as well.  Very simple, but so good!



DSC05735Do you remember that less than ideal shower situation for Carter I talked about earlier?  Well we’ve solved it by boiling water and adding it to the tap in the kitchen sink!  Luckily this sink is the perfect size for us to bathe our 1 year old and it’s nice to not have to kneel over a tub.  And Carter loves splashing and getting water everywhere. 🙂


DSC05826Probably the most amazing sunset we’ve seen so far.  We stayed a little ways back from the water and let Carter play in the sand dunes as we sat on our towel, ate our chocolate msimen, and cuddled. *Sigh* We’re going to miss this.

We can’t believe that this week is our last in Essaouira!  As always, time seems to fly by.  We’re excited for what Marrakesh has to offer, and then on to South Africa!