We were truly inspired by all of the art, textiles, leather, wool, painted ceramic, metal light fixtures, and especially the tiles in Morocco.  We love all of the color and patterns and we’re eager to fit in pieces of Morocco into our dream home.  Here are just a few inspiration images that we found that we are loving!  We’re not sure if we want to have a whole room (kitchen, or bathroom, etc) that is a Moroccan theme, or if we want to incorporate different aspects in several different rooms.  The possibilities are endless!


morocco-tile-white-backsplashI really love this backsplash.  It’s the shape of the tile that makes it Moroccan, but the white keeps it clean and simple and easy to match with.


morocco-tile-wallpaper-bathroomI love this idea of doing a stenciled accent wall, and it looks great in the bathroom!


morocco-mirrorI’m a little bit obsessed with this mirror.  I’ll take one in every room please!


morocco-tile-medley-floorHow unique is this entryway?  Definitely a very bold move, but I think it looks great in this home!




morocco-textiles-courtyardThere were at least 5 different rugs that I really really wanted to buy in Essaouira.  I have no idea what I would do with them or how I’d make any other decor work with them, but they were just beautiful!  I still haven’t seen an example of similar textiles in use that I like yet, so I’ll be on the look out.  Have you seen any Moroccan decor that you like?


The inspiration images are not our own, but from our Pinterest page.