On our drive down the West Coast we stopped at a popular spot called Punakaiki where the Pancake Rocks are.


As we were walking in we saw this semi-important looking man (he’s the one partly covered up by the camera man, not the baldy eating ice cream in the back) and a guy with an expensive looking camera.  We curated a story about how this man was super famous adventure guide for his own travel show and we had to follow him.


We didn’t want to seem like we were following him, so we acted natural and hung back a little ways.


We soon lost the “super famous” guy and were taken aback by the beauty of the scenery.


And then we ran into a bunch of asians…. Each one of them had camera equipment that cost more money than our first house will cost.  And they were all taking pictures of the exact same thing.  It was hilarious!  But they were probably getting some pretty amazing pictures.


The actual Pancake Rocks themselves were incredible!  It is always amazing to me how land can be formed like this over time with pressure and erosion.


This rock formation was pretty cool.  There was a sign next to it that pointed out the resemblances to animals and faces.  Can you pick any of them out?


Here’s the answers: