We drove for what felt like hours upon hours on the windiest roads to get to Toturanui late at night.  We didn’t know exactly where we were parking, we just found an empty lot and called it good.  Scott tried his hand at some night time shots.  They turned out great!



We woke up as soon as we started to see the tiniest shred of light in the sky and moved the car a mere 50 meters to sit on the boat dock to watch the sunrise.




After watching the sunrise, we decided to explore the beach area.  Scott loved this cove.




As we were walking along the beach we ran into this lovely couple!  See the crystal-y looking stuff on the beach in the picture?  Well, Aoife and Morgan stopped us to ask what it is.  We had absolutely no idea haha so we all threw around our best guesses including ground up jellyfish, glass, and frost.  We ended up just chatting with them for about an hour just talking about our shared love of traveling and adventures.

DSC01421 DSC01422

As we were leaving Toturanui we made great use of our sun roof.  The weather was beautiful and the scenery of the beach as we climbed the mountain on windy roads was stunning.  Apparently we were more concerned with taking pictures of ourselves than the scenery though.