Wharariki beach is by far the most amazing beach we’ve ever seen.  Ever.  We raced there as fast as we could on a dirt road to make it for the sunset only to find that there was a 20 min walk from the carpark to get to the beach.  We loaded Carter in the baby carrier and took off.

I started running–well more like slow jogging–up the grassy hill where the trail was heading.  Here’s Scott running to catch up with me.


We came upon a fence that was going right across our walking trail and instead of there being an opening or even a gate there were stairs that took you up and over the fence.


We were walking on the tall hills to get to the beach.  This was, also by far, the most incredible walk to a beach we’ve ever been on.  Every minute of the 20 minute walk was worth it.  It was stunning.





Once we got to the beach our jaws hit the ground.  It was the most incredible sight we’d ever seen.



It wasn’t the best sunset ever that night, but it was still beautiful and we’re glad we made it to the beach just in time to see it.