This morning I got to video chat my family and it was wonderful.  Several of my siblings and their kids are in Texas right now visiting my parents and grandparents and it makes me so jealous.  They got to celebrate the 4th of July together, they are going swimming all the time, they got to celebrate my grandma’s birthday with her, they are constantly together.

I LOVE family.  I think having a child of my own has made me appreciate family even more.  I am so excited for Carter to have his cousins be his best friends.  I’m excited for Carter to know and respect his aunts and uncles so he can learn valuable lessons from them.  I’m excited for Carter to have fond memories of his grandparents spoiling him and thinking that I don’t know about it.  I’m excited for Carter to experience family the way I did.

I know that we are doing this trip for a reason, and even though there are times like now that I want to be back home with my family, I feel very grounded where I am.  At times like these when my family is all together and the only thing stopping me is a plane flight (a very long plane flight…), I want to look for flights to take me home, but something stops me and tells me I’m right where I need to be.  Right now I am doing what I need to be doing.  God knows where I am, and He has a much greater understanding of why my little family and I are traveling the world.  I just need to continue to trust Him and keep creating wonderful memories together, wherever we are.