When we arrived in South Africa earlier this month, we figured we’d have a low-key Thanksgiving dinner, maybe trying to find all the elements of a Thanksgiving meal to put together, but ultimately knowing that we’d be missing the primary element: good company.  Sure, we got each other, but we’ve had Thanksgivings alone before, and we have long realized that the draw for the holiday is the chance to meet together with family and friends to share a meal. There’s something religious about that, regardless of the background or original reason for the holiday—something that makes Thanksgiving sacred. That was a tradition we wanted to replicate as best we could, even when in a country that has almost never heard of it.

Then we met the Myburghs.  Not only have we became fast friends, they invited us into their family and their home, made us feel like we were Myburghs too.  We’ve met some incredible people on this trip, and they are among them.  Carolyn, who is originally from Utah, was putting on a Thanksgiving dinner for some friends and missionaries from our church and invited us to join in. We didn’t even have to think about it.

So we came up to their lovely farm an hour north of Cape Town and had the time of our lives.  We had all the great company we could ask for, fantastic food, and wonderful weather.  We managed to get a few pictures, too…


Thanksgiving in South Africa IMG_7465  IMG_7476





Ostrich facts: ostrich couples mate for life!  When the mother lays her eggs she’ll sit on them during the day while the dad patrols around and attacks anything moving, and at night he’ll have a go at the sitting while the mother eats and watches for predators at night.


These are actually ostrich eggs, so even though they look like any other bird, they’re actually each about the size of a baby’s head!



The underbelly on these things actually feels more like a lizard than a bird. Still probably the cutest animal encounter Emily’s ever had.


“You! Take me there!”


Finally after our little “farm safari”, it was time to feast.  We had turkey, lamb, mashed potatoes, gravy, rolls, corn, heaps of pies, and the best fruit punch I’ve ever drank 12 full glasses of in one sitting.




It was a wonderful meal, and we can’t thank the Myburghs enough for inviting us and letting us eat all of their food. Thanksgiving might be an American holiday, but in that little piece of South Africa we were able to experience a bit of home for the holidays.  Hope y’all’s Thanksgiving was as full of turkey and fun as ours was!