On our last full day in Cape Town, Scott and I decided that we needed a break from packing and cleaning, so we went to World of Birds Wildlife Sanctuary in Hout Bay.  And let me tell you, it was amazing!  We got their very soon after opening so the crew was still doing some cleaning around the park, but we had a blast interacting with the birds and the monkeys.  Scott enjoyed walking around and seeing all of the different kinds of birds, but my favorite part was the monkeys!  We got to go through a squirrel monkey enclosure where over 30 monkeys jumped and climbed all over us!  Carter hated it at first, but sort of calmed down a little towards the end.  He preferred to walk around with the monkeys rather than sit down and have them jump on him.

IMG_7751The birds kept saying “hello, hello” over and over again and Carter would just squawk at them.
IMG_7754 IMG_7766IMG_7760_bw IMG_7784He was so enthralled by all of the birds!
IMG_7777 IMG_7786 IMG_7796 IMG_7821 IMG_7843The poor guy hated having the monkeys jumping all over him.
IMG_7864 IMG_7850 IMG_7889 IMG_7867 IMG_7875 IMG_7890IMG_7885 newIMG_7894 IMG_7907 IMG_7912 IMG_7914

On returning home from the World of Birds Wildlife Sanctuary, we finished packing and cleaning then headed to a friend’s home to say good-bye.  After a sad good-bye we headed to another friend’s home and had our last South African braai.  The activities of the whole day were wonderful ways to spend our last day in Cape Town, and seeing our good friends made it all the harder to leave.  On a side note, and a rather embarrassing one at that, we didn’t get to hike or ride the cable car to the top of Table Mountain.  We tried on several occasions throughout the month, but it was either closed due to strong winds, or one of us was sick.  So, Cape Town is sitting high on our list of places to return to because we HAVE to do Table Mountain, and we HAVE to do an awesome self-driven safari!

Thanks for the memories!  We are excited to come back.