My grandpa has a special request of Scott and I while we’re in Taiwan.  We’ve been asked to find relatives of one of my grandpa’s friends.  This isn’t just any friend though, this man was my grandpa’s assigned buddy in the Army Ranger School back in 1961.  My grandpa speaks of his friend, Lt. Kao, with a deep respect as these two men shared experiences with each other that helped them survive Army Ranger School (what is considered one of the toughest military schools in the world).  They depended on each other to complete Ranger School and they graduated together in 1961.  After graduation, Lt. Kao returned to Taiwan and the two men corresponded with each other via letters for a several months.  In April 1962, my grandpa received a letter from a Lt. Chao informing him that Lt. Kao had died a few months prior at the Chinese Ranger course.  My grandpa, and many others lost a great friend when Lt. Kao passed away.

My grandpa is seeking to make contact with Lt. Kao’s family here in Taiwan so Scott and I have been asking a few friends that we’ve made here so far, but nothing has come of it.  The other day we decided that since a branch of the Republic of China Military Academy (ROCMA) is here in Kaohsiung we’d go there and see if we could find Lt. Kao’s records.