On our second attempt, and with some help from Lisa and her youngest Rebecca, we were able to find Monkey Mountain!  It was actually the exact same mountain that Scott and I went to the first time, we just made a wrong turn on a trail..  But we decided that we were really glad that we didn’t see any monkeys the first time we were on the mountain because we were all by ourselves and we probably would’ve gotten attacked by them considering how naive we are and how mean the monkeys turned out to be.


We started the hike around 9:30am and we soon found ourselves engulfed by a large hiking group.  They all gawked over Carter and practiced their English with simple phrases like, “Hi, how are you?” and when we’d respond they’d just smile, nod, and walk away.  I don’t think they knew what we were saying haha.


When we saw the first monkey walk across the trail we were so excited!  We kept walking and made it to a resting area and we slowly realized that there were several monkeys in the trees surrounding us!


I was trying to point out a monkey to Carter and when my arm was almost fully extended I heard this horrible hissing sound, saw the monkey show his very large teeth, and felt a tug from a Taiwanese man.  He pulled me back a couple steps and said, “Don’t do that!  Just act naturally.  Naturally.  No make eye contact!  Act naturally.”  Yep, it was official, I was scared to death and didn’t want to have anything to do with the monkeys after that!


Scott’s sister sent us a picture of her on monkey mountain and she was super close to a monkey so we assumed that the monkeys were nice and they let you get close to them, but no, not these monkeys!  Haha, it was a great experience though and we had a lot of fun.  We got to see several little baby monkeys hanging on to their mamas.  So cute!