Today for an activity for our church, the women learned how to make sushi!  There is a woman from Japan in the group and she prepared everything and taught us all how to make it.  It was so fun to spend an afternoon with these women who have been so welcoming to me and so helpful with Carter since we’ve been here. Here the women are mixing the vinegar and sugar solution in with the rice.  We then mixed ingredients such as prawn eggs, dried seaweed, fish flakes (I can’t remember what it’s called), and scrambled eggs into separate bowls of rice.


We used these drink cartons to press the flavored rice into layers.


Once we had filled the cartons, we carefully flipped them over onto a plate and garnished it with shrimp and peas.


After we made the layered sushi, we made sushi that looks like a teddy bear when sliced.  Isn’t it cute!


I’m going to miss these women so much!  They have been so kind, and such in inspiration to me.  It has been so fun to be a part of this ward family while being in Taiwan and I will forever remember the friendships I made here.