The other day I called my grandma’s cousin who lives here in England.  I’ve never met her, but talking on the phone with her was so easy and it felt so familiar.  We had hopes of connecting while we’re here in England, but we are on opposite sides of the country so we committed to meeting in the near future when they move back to the United States.

Upon introducing myself on the phone, she immediately started talking about our journey.  She spoke such kind, thoughtful words that resemble exactly how Scott and I feel about this trip.  Hearing her support and enthusiasm, even though she could be considered a stranger, was exactly what I needed to hear in that moment.  I felt God’s love for me and I felt truly blessed to be talking with her.  Her words resonate with me strongly.

Right now is all about you and your family and the love you have for each other.

You’re creating such beautiful memories that you’ll have forever.  Some people spend time and money worrying about what kind of kitchen table to have and then it just gets scratched up and after a while they want a new one.  You can’t even take a table to heaven, but you can take your memories!

Carter knows that no matter where you are, you love him because he’s always with you.

These experiences will help to shape who you are as a family.

I felt like our 20 minute conversation was too short and I yearned to be in her company.  I know that I can still create lasting memories when we return home after traveling, and I definitely know that I’ll worry too much about a kitchen table more than once in my life, but it was so refreshing to hear such encouraging words.

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