Today was a Pinterest day.  The sun was shining and it was actually warm so I decided Carter and I needed to spend some long quality time outside.  And who better to turn to than Pinterest when you need something fun to do with your toddler!  (Don’t worry, I experienced some “Pinterest Fails” with this one!  See them at the bottom of the post.)

I pinned this edible paint activity a little while ago and decided it was time to try it.  I’ve seen the edible paints that are made out of fruits and veggies or yogurt and kool-aid, but I didn’t want Carter to eat and enjoy the paint, so I stuck with the simple flour and water recipe.  It’s a lot cheaper (and less wasteful in my opinion) too!  It was a huge success with Carter and I will definitely be doing again soon!


  • 1 cup water
  • 1 cup flour
  • few drops of food coloring

This amount was plenty to occupy Carter for almost 45 minutes.  So, now for the fun pictures!

















Pinterest Fails

  • I made my first batch during Carter’s nap, but when he woke up it was raining.  I put lids on the containers with the paint mixture and figured we’d get to it the next day.  Well, three days later Scott opened one of the jars and almost puked… It was disgusting!  So, don’t make this and save it for later.  Or if you do, try storing it in the fridge instead of on the counter.
  • All the posts I looked at about edible paint talked about the cute art work that they got out of the experience so I excitedly put computer paper in front of Carter.  The paper just got in the way…  He was much more interested in painting himself (which was totally fine with me), but I wasn’t expecting it.  I had to try and rinse him off with the hose, which didn’t work, then I had to carry a sopping wet child covered in goopy food coloring upstairs to the tub.  I had to fill the tub with him in it (which is never fun because it’s freezing at first) and then it was difficult to get the hardened flour off.  Especially from his hair.  From this little experience that I wasn’t prepared for, I only managed to get my black pants covered in red flour and I’m considering myself lucky.  I would definitely do it again too!
  • Forget the tarp, just stick your kid in the grass with the paint.  So much easier to clean up!