Being almost finished with this house sitting assignment, everything feels normal.  We wake up and have our morning routine of feeding the dogs, letting them outside, feeding the ducks and checking for eggs, feeding the chickens and checking for eggs, and feeding the fish.  Several times a day we run around outside with the dogs and we also put the dogs inside to let the ducks and chickens roam the garden.


We know the dogs favorite treats, we know where each of their favorite scratch spots are.  We know how to get the ducks excited and interactive.  We know what time of day to get the chicken eggs when they’re still warm.


From this house sitting experience, we have learned so much about the animals, but also about ourselves.  We find ourselves talking about our future home a lot.  We are excited to have our own chickens and collect fresh eggs.  We want to hatch some eggs as well and let our kids raise their own chicks.  We look forward to having a dog that our kids can run around and play with.  We’re eager to have a large yard.

We’ve wanted many of these things before now, but being here and having these experiences has solidified many of our desires.  It’s basically like we’ve had the opportunity to “test drive” our life before “buying.”  We’ve gleaned heaps of information from first hand experience and have learned a lot about what to and not to do in different circumstances.  We now know why we want things and if it’s something we can handle.

Once we leave this house sitting assignment, I think it will be weird to go back to not having so much responsibility again.  What am I going to do with only 1 kid and no dogs, ducks, chickens, fish, or snake??  I’m sure it will be an adjustment.

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