Meet Ralph, a Weimaraner.  Today we’re going to play a game called “What has Ralph eaten.”  More appropriately, we’ll call it “What has Ralph gotten off the counter, that he shouldn’t have, and eaten completely gone.”  Any guesses?  Here’s a short list that is growing every day:

  • 2 pound block of cheese
  • Tub of butter
  • Half loaf of bread
  • Pack of crackers
  • Large bowl of steamed carrots
  • Carter’s breakfast eggs (on several occasions)
  • Carter’s banana (he just takes it out of Carter’s hand)
  • Apple
  • Paper towel roll
  • Pan of frying oil (don’t worry it was cooled down)
  • A bag of trash

This dog is the sweetest big dog I’ve ever met, but he sure knows how to ruin your meal!  And, after he’s eaten something he shouldn’t have, he just looks at you with his big green eyes with a puppy face and it’s so hard to be mad at him.  We keep trying to put things farther back on the counters, or even higher, but he still manages to reach!  Silly Ralph.