Since being back in Utah (we lived here for about 5 years before we left on our Twelve Countries trip), we’ve been able to visit with some family and friends and we still have several that we need to see!  It’s been great catching up with people and often it feels like we never left.  Some have gotten haircuts while others have a kid or two we hadn’t met before, but we seem to fall back into each others lives just like we did before.


Last weekend, Scott surprised me for my birthday with a fire on Utah Lake with some of our closest friends from Provo (we did miss out on one couple who has since moved to Washington).  It was so good to see everyone and learn of all of their accomplishments from the previous year.  We laughed so hard at some of the same jokes that our friendship was built over and we shared stories and experiences to get us caught up on what we’d missed out on.  We sat around the fire while the babes played in the sand and the sun set.  We soaked up the warmth of the flames as the night drew on and it was sad to say good-bye.  I love that we’ll be here in Utah for a little while though so we’ll get to hang out with them again and continue to see some more friends and family!